losing few, gaining many

13 Dec

what have i lost today?

– the precious tool as my primary means of living and earning staple of food, my iBook
– passport
– return airplane ticket
– hundreds of dollars
– a jacket bought with the companion of rio and bowo
– haruki mirakami’s kafka on the shore
– john irving’s my movie business
– my small notebook containing my written ideas
– my mp3 player
– stack of name cards belong to some highly respected and reputable people

in short, a defining part of my life has gone, or rather, been taken away.

but let’s check what i have gained today:

good, comforting, assuring words from friends, in both countries.

numerous supportive messages and calls that gave me a good reason to let my teardrops flowing hard.

an unexpected karaoke session.

my understanding parents.


twinnie, the greatest one can be.

in short, i’m still feeling truly blessed to know that i can succeed walking through this demeaning line safely.

and happily.

i’m truly the richest man in the world.

— dedicated to the one sitting next to me not just at this exact hour fighting against the cold air, but simply for being the one, and only —

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