05 Dec

what have taxes got to do with life, actually?

as i walked along the shady boulevard of bussorah/kampong glam area after spending some time with the lady of broadcasting here, i began to think that taxes are not merely sacrificing our paychecks regularly.

we invest our emotions.

when we agree to partake in the development process of a country, we expect something in return for our contribution. if what we expect has not come up yet, we tend to wait a little longer, and along the waiting period, we involve our thoughts to some other concerns that, like it or not, have begun shaping our lives to behave exactly like anybody else we often loathe in the first place.

the latter is more likely to happen if you are not a citizen.

a foreign worker and/or inhabitant like me, who has sucked out all of the land’s enjoyment and now left with some dreariest parts, keeps on demanding more and more when we start contributing these little amount of money in. eventually, we demand our own lives, the way we want it.

we may gruntle, we may complain, yet we’ve got to compromise and start accepting the way things work in the foreign land.

whoever thinks that tax-ing gives you so much headache?

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