A Prayer.

10 Apr

I remember,
Once I uttered a prayer
For one wish.

I remember,
The prayer kept being uttered
For one wish that never got fulfilled.

I don’t remember exactly,
How the prayer went.
Was it a chant?

You may not be an angel / ‘Cause angels are so few / But until that day comes along / I’ll string along with you.
I’m looking for an angel / To sing my love song to / And until the day that one comes along / I’ll sing my song to you.

I don’t remember at all,
That I prayed differently.

For God receives billions of prayers every ticking of seconds,
The way I do.
The way I beg.
The way I order.
The Creator of my existence whom I curse
For loopholing one twenty-four stretch.

And whatever happened to the prayer?

For every little fault that you have / See I’ve got three or four / That human little faults you do have / Just make me love you more.

Now I remember,
I prayed for someone to be.
Not for something to happen.

And whatever it is,
How numb I’ve become in the past few days,
My conscience is still at its fullest form.

That this year,
For the first time,
The prayer is fulfilled.

You may not be an angel / But still I’m sure you’ll do / So until the day that one comes along / I’ll string along with you.

happy birthday, twinnie.

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(excerpts from Diana Krall‘s “I String Along With You”, taken from her album “When I Look In Your Eyes”)
(thanks to
only-Google-knows-what-kind-of-website-this-is for the image, horrendous it may be but apt enough to fit in here)

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