19 Feb

(on Yoshinoya)

an afternoon unlike any other
where we sat across each other
indulging in satisfying the hunger
of warm and tender

a place of coldness
teens at their madness
yet we just create this space
that could be perfectly understood
through some miso soup and two bowls of rice

i captured many angles of an angel.

(on Yoshinoya – another side)

there it was
on a packed Saturday afternoon
you sat there at ease with yourself
contented, confident, comforting

as i gaze my thoughts channeled to you
to hope that you would comprehend
and ask no more
about how one longs to replace his bolster

i crave over this craze

(on Starbucks)

an overtly crowded cafe
yet we managed to sneak
into a zone of temporary comfort

a nite filled with air of reds
and sparks of oranges
i pay my respect

to the surroundings
to the soul

who sails away on his own
who stands up on his thoughts
who prevails, who whispers, who loves

whose laughter injects vibrancy
whose silence commands attention
whose being melts one’s cold-hearted emotions
and slip off my feet

who loves the life and all of its fullest.

(on Coffee Club)

mornings we made love
afternoons we made friends
or simply we made entrances to each other’s life
in more intimate ways

like that one sunny day
such a rarity to see the windy friendly breeze of air
perfectly captured and lifted up the whole mood
of talks
of laughs
of smirks
of bitchings
of gossipings
of comforts
and of love shared among others

it’s just an overture

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Posted by on 02/19/2005 in English


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