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and the ship sails on

you sail along the sea
smoothly as the breeze
as if the ship
has been yours for the rest of your past life

until now

when you decided to take me
as i am showing you
my yearning for being in the par
yet i chose to remain seated

as a passenger.

who can only dream
without making it come true.

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KomAng Perdana

when four aspiring souls were flocked together and being sat down by destiny in hampering land of endless green grass while sunshine spraying its golden ray of light to sparkling effect of glowing twilight in the afternoon,

what do you expect?

when acay backed his side from our view, we were drawn to his unrequited love.
when ayu strolled down the memory line, tears were shed.
when nauval gave the keys, doors were open ajar and still waiting to be explored.
when ite asked us to meditate, she brought the whole world down to its knees.

what do you see?

that when one finds other people, he finds himself among the crowd.
that a spark of hope undeniably prevails from the lowest state of dirt.

that to feel alive, one shall look no further.

take yourself out to the land of freedom.

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Posted by on 02/13/2005 in English