i can’t go any more blatant than this, so …

11 Feb


this is purely unexplainable, or actually is this?

all i could recall this morning when i woke up is this tremendously immense feeling that says

‘i miss you’, t.

for i know that once I declared

‘i’m not gonna miss you, because i love you. as simple as that’,

now the reality starts settling in: that no matter how we put our strongest resistance, it’s part of the package we get. miss, love, care, hate, bored.

oh how I look forward to the latter!

Booooo hooooo!

someone cried for getting his heart broken into pieces last nite and you sacrificed your precious time to console him. while it should have been me in your position, yet your maturity prevailed by simply being yourself to the utmost “dry” state of mind :-), alrite!

i hope that guy is doing fine now.

yet you left me here with nothing but this huge, gigantic abundance of longing for … you.

yeah, t, welcome to the core of tackiness, silliness, corniness, and other ness-ness which we have indulged so far.

while i know that we just love each other plainly, truthfully, honestly, one can not help being surrendered to the utmost egoistical feeling:

i need you right here, right now.

and to think that soon in a few hours time you’ll be pampering yourself in the breeze of fresh air filled with factory outlets, butik distro, and many eating places, I could only scream:


twinkelnee, twinnelnee, twinnelnum, twinkie twinkie twinneltoon …

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