define this.

08 Feb

it all began with a simple message of meet-up, which was wrapped under the performance of a lifetime recalling the fond memories as appeared on any romantic comedy movies (and you said, “udah deh! romantic comedy tuh emang genre-nya Hollywood punya, Hollywood tuh jagonya bikin romantic comedy!”).

what followed afterwards was what i’d like to refer as how the term ‘defining moments’ got its appropriate meaning.

the first film: finding neverland

the first concert: k.d. lang in concert

the first dvd: same time, next year

the first time when i don’t crave for unnecessary sentimental feeling, for feeling is just a feeling after all, they are already aptly transformed to all those tacky silly corny songs we indulge ourselves in to.

the first time when i find that honesty speaks louder than any pretentiousness under the name of safety zone.

the first time when talking about each other’s earnings and sex encounters has never been this truthful, and fruitful on the same rhyme.

the first time when i know that it feels alive to love you.

and to think that it began with trashing on films that we seldom find ourselves in a mutual agreement, i can only say:

thank you, Twinnie.

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