Fly Me to the Moon

31 Jan

Iya, gue tau ini postingan paling ngga kreatif karena bener-bener nyontek elo banget, dan bentar lagi elo juga nyindir, “I don’t do plagiarism”! Hahahaha. I don’t care. Gue sekarang di kantor, gue tau elo masih tidur kecapekan semalem, elo nyuruh gue cepetan tidur padahal elo sendiri yang bolak-bolak yaaawwwnnniingg! Dan elo baca ini di public cyber cafe sambil … tuuhh kaann! Your cutesy smirk smile that makes me fall deeper to you, dropped down on my knees, tapi kenarsisan elo ngeliat muka sendiri pake webcam emang bisa bikin gue lari! Aaaahhh! 🙂

Try humming this song while you hug that poor bolster of yours that I’m sure has been poorly abused as your voodoo object. Atau mungkin elo humming this songs disela-sela meetings elo yang banyak banget itu, udah dibilangin jangan bereaksi kalo gue sms, eh elo malah nyengir lebar-lebar di depan orang-orang!

Akhirnya gue keabisan bahan tulisan juga, bayangin kantor gue open space dimana semua orang bisa ngeliat layar monitor ini, so might as well I declare them that I impulsively in love with you.

Fly me to the moon

(to your place will do)

And let me play among the stars

(ucek-ucekin kamar tamu itu)

Let me see what spring is like

On Jupiter and Mars

In other words hold my hand

(ngga sedemonstratif itu yah, hahaha!)

In other words darling kiss me

Fill my life with song


And let me sing forever more

(Corny and tacky and silly)

You are all I hope for

(to pay our phone bills)

All I worship and adore

(and this one, too! definitely!)

In other words please be true

(kapan mau nonton Woody Allen?)

In other words I love you

(oh, there are no other words)

There you go, you wake up, smell the coffee, and off! Oh, here’s to love you 🙂

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Posted by on 01/31/2005 in Bahasa Indonesia


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