21 Nov

I always fall in love WITH November.

The end of the year is still a month away, there’s still a time to make up the numerous unfulfilled new year’s resolution, which very likely, be carried forward to the following year! Hahahahaha … By nature, human beings are blisfully equipped with this ability to procrastinate. *grin*.

I like November for its smell of the rains, which to certain extent can be irritating, but just smell the breeze while taking a stroll along the bridges lining along Singapore river, the small path on the pedestrian leading to Esplanade without having to block the ray of glaring sunlight, or sipping a cuppa in one of those cafes in Liang Seah Street while witnessing the drops of water from the sky in front of your eyes and your body lying on a cozy sofa, what more can you ask?

November gives me a thrill whenever I take myself into a wandering land of daydreaming 🙂

I always fall in love IN November.

Not ‘fall in love’ per se, but to be in love with anything related to love itself.

Well, yeah, way back 8 years ago, gue punya pacar pertama kali di bulan November. Tahun berikutnya pun naksir orang bulan November, dan taun berikutnya jadian bulan November, walopun sumpah ini ga penting banget! Hahahaha!

Sadly, the pattern has been dismissed from 5 years ago, nothing has happened to my love-life in November since half a a decade ago.

What might be interesting is the fact that I’m surrounded by love.

Again, don’t take it literally.

I’m referring to these people around me who are smitten by that particular feeling.


or simply Like.

could be enhanced by Lust.

or maybe Loath!

Apapun itu, eksistensi gue di bulan November taun 2004 ini masih sama seperti yang selalu terjadi sejak separuh dekade yang lalu : sendiri.

Dan seperti yang selalu terjadi, keberadaan gue dikelilingi oleh orang-orang yang sedikit lebih beruntung dari gue.

Ada pacar, ada selingkuhan, ada yang menyukai, ada yang lagi disukain, ada yang masih bertahan dengan mantan kekasih, ada yang menemukan rasa cinta, ada yang berkisah kasih sesat sesaat (hahahahah), ada cemburu, ada rasa sayang, ada being obsessive, ada yang setia menemani, ada being hurt, ada jealousy, ada harapan untuk mendapatkan, dan semua ada di bulan November ini. (gue mo ngomong “semua ada deh disini!” ntar dituntut ama Campur-Campur nya Anteve!)


Let’s put it this way.

(trying hard not to sound cliche and politically correct) I’m happy for them, I can emphatize, symphatize, feel the way they might be reeling their feelings into at the moment.

Walaupun gue berada di luar sistem itu.

Eventhough not any single of what I mentioned above apply to me.

Meskipun gue yakin, saat ini Tuhan lagi ngeliat gue sambil bilang, “Nauval, just wait a little longer. You know how things always work out for you, and this is no exception.”

–reminiscence of 2046 through its wonderful and mystical soundtrack accompanies this writing–

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