Things We Text On Our Way to Airport

15 Oct

10:15:34 pm

Finally here at the airport. Rushing for check-in now.

10:16:17 pm

Yay! Eat something. Red-eye flights suck. When r u coming back again?

10:16:40 pm

Thanks for telling me that, but thanks for the reminder. Be back in 3 days. Hey, I haven’t even boarded the plane yet!

10:17:15 pm


10:17:22 pm

So much for the notification alert that made my heart beeped, but immediately sank when I saw just “so?”

10:17:30 pm

Hahaha. What do u want me to say? Haven’t I said enough “have a safe flight”s already?

10:17:45 pm

Doesn’t hurt to give one. Each traveling is a new adventure.

10:18:00 pm

Have a safe flight, dear.

10:18:10 pm

Thank you.
You know what?

10:18:13 pm


10:18:20 pm

Strangely, both my most favorite and the saddest part of traveling is when u say “have a nice flight.”

10:18:26 pm


10:18:33 pm

Glad to have u to come home to.

10:18:40 pm

Glad to have u to look forward to everyday, in person and in texting.

10:18:45 pm

Low batt now.
Bye, dear.

10:18:52 pm

We never really part, do we? I’ll see you soon.

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One response to “Things We Text On Our Way to Airport

  1. finaisme

    10/31/2012 at 7:51 pm

    uh oh…


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