Human Connection

22 Jun

I was just sitting down in this coffee shop when I saw a rare sight: across the shop, in a smaller cafe, a man approached a woman. He leaned down, and he kissed her forehead. As he moved a little closer to her, we saw a wedding ring in his finger. The similar ring apparently was seen in the woman’s finger, too.
He chatted with her, sipped her drink a little, and she got up. They walked together, he held her hand, smiled. He didn’t look at her, and neither did she. But his smile showed he responded to whatever she said, perhaps summarizing all the things she went through in a day’s work.

I couldn’t help staring at them. One thing is missing in the couple’s interaction: gadget. Either running out of battery or simply put in their bags, we did not see them.

In comparison, here I am, all alone waiting for my next work meeting, and heavily distracted by the sight I just saw. Immediately I took out my iPad and write about that heavenly view.
On the other hand, on a table next to mine, two students in their uniform look bored with each other other, and they have been sitting in silence, playing with their own gadgets.

The students are still here. Yet what lingers on my mind the most is the sight of that married couple, who effortlessly show affection amidst crazy hectic day, especially this town on a Friday afternoon.

Don’t you just miss genuine human connection?

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