For The Two of You on Your Wedding Day

19 Aug

(You know who you are. If only there’s a toast tomorrow, this is what I will say.)

We thought we’ll never see the day.

How you all persevere under gigantic, huge, tremendous hardship all through the years is beyond our knowledge.
Well, actually, we may have tiny knowledge on that, but often they’re buried under your cheeky laughter, your mischievous smile, and most importantly, beneath the layers of martabak manis special double chocolate and avocado juice extra chocolate we always cherished.

Besides that, there are other items to be treasured as well. Good food, occasionally good pictures that you two take with your analog cameras, but mostly good food that we never run out of.

We may not be with you from the beginning of your relationship, but I guess we were there during the most crucial moments of your life together.
People avoid falling to the same trap twice, but man, you intentionally took that risk. Boy, you do know the risk that’s all coming against you.

But then hard times never fail to define characters. Through these precious few years, we see how you two are progressing.
This wedding is not the final or the last point. This is just the beginning. And we gladly extend and renew our support behind you two. Why?

Because we can have a couple to look up to. Someday, I envision us here to say, “hey, you know that couple? They’ve spent years fighting the currents against them, and they never fail to fight. They’re strong by being together. That’s what makes a great couple. Just look to them.”

And we’re glad that today is the beginning of a lifetime journey.

We love you all, and we will always be next to you.



(This is the picture of where they will live. Taken by the groom, a talented photographer I’ve been a fan of since forever. Here’s to you, you two.)

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