21 May

Nothing quite prepares you of feelings experienced in every trip, no mater howw often you’ve taken similar trips before. Each trip is something new, and each trip has its own memory one should not attempt to compare.

But have you taken a trip where your imagination is best left intact, even after you’ve completed a trip?

Have you ever taken a trip where your mind still lingers, playing what-if situation even after a stamp in your passport states that you have departed the place?

Have you ever taken a trip where your feet rule over your conscience?

Have you ever taken a trip where you busily arrange your feeling all the time?

Have you ever taken a trip where a lof of thinking dominates your days?

I don’t know if I have done all of the above, actually. But if those describe my present state of mind, then let’s just be it.

And yes, maybe, some wishful thinking is best left intact or untouched.

“… and i know / when i am going / no more doubt / no more fear / i’ve found my way / so let’s leave / today / anywhere / change me / change me / change me / once again … “ (nina simone – just in time – ost. before sunset)


Posted by on 05/21/2007 in English, Personal


3 responses to “Somewhere.

  1. dodski

    05/28/2007 at 9:10 pm

    barusan tadi sore saya pulang dari malang… lewat jalan jombang pula….hmm… semoga trip ke malang tadi bisa menjadi trip seperti yang ditulis di posting ini….

  2. Bonaray

    06/14/2007 at 10:49 am

    I just read your posting, been a while since my last visit, I noticed that this posting is after your traveling to SEA, … insightfull thoughts hope you did enjoy your trip

  3. Dhany Family

    07/11/2007 at 10:54 am

    i like the tripthis month long scholl holidayso my family gone to Banyuwangi, Trenggalek, Batu etc.But my money was loose now.


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