keywords of a journey.

28 Feb

let’s see.

batam hills. wavemaster. holland village. bbq half-chicken. cineleisure. walk the line. syriana. sight and sound. bras basah. looftop. tanned skin. coffee bean. clothes hanger and an annoying mother. scene it. borders. car sick. hostel. naked man. brokeback mountain. chatuchak. mrs. henderson presents. siam paragon. munich. grand egv. press pass. ian. kenny. jameson. film market. good night, and good luck. walk out. heading south. odete. don’t tell. consequences of love. rize. four films in a row. smoothie mania. dj station. claudy. daniel. stoned. river queen. willem dafoe. the most commercially successful film last year. joni. patpong. dasa book. overrated balcony. zefri. mandy. alexis. wayne. match point. wrong massage. kenneth. cocktail. holiday inn. 17-baht airport trip. objectifs. capote. rubbing skin. tone.

in a much shorter exclamation: exhaustingly fun!

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Posted by on 02/28/2006 in English, Personal


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