what’s killing you?

14 Feb

what has killed me for the past few days turns out …

that it’s not the diarrhoea which forced me to take 3-day bedrest (and not to mention i am not fully recovered yet at the time of writing),

and that it’s not about the amazingly fast internet connection, only to be in the same par as how turtles walk and enjoy their time (oh, it annoys me all the time! someone should minister the use of internet in this country!),

but what bugs me the most is …

i’m having too much infotainment in me!

gosh, holding your tummy while religiously following the breakup of dea mirella and her hubby certainly will not do any good to your mental health.

now, that’s what i call a complete murder.

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Posted by on 02/14/2006 in English, Personal


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