Five Easy Pieces

05 Feb

The abovementioned title will centre in one piece that makes the film riveting to watch, and that is, Jack Nicholson.

In his youthful menacing act, Nicholson shows his comprehensive understanding that to carry a multi-dimensional character, one’s got to inhabit it from within. Thus, we see his being a tormented guy trapped in his own ego as a highly-educated pianist, yet having to face the reality of being stuck in a mindless job that plunges him deeper to endless soul-searching, only hurting the people he initially cares about. Eventually, we will accept any seemingly evil doings he led himself to, from being abusive to philandering, for they serve to strengthen his misled behaviour.

Five Easy Pieces

As you read the premise of the film as stated, you may begin to notice that the film came at the time when rebellion movements were the voices of the films, and the film could not be more attuned to that. Released in 1969, Five Easy Pieces marvels through its steady pace that once you get hold of it, you will be taken further to an achingly real life-like story of how one lives his life that often is bleak, yet unintentionally comic at times.

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