there’s no conclusion …

17 Dec

… to my holiday, this unexpected trip here.

how does one detach from a comfort of holiday? he’ll surely be holding on to the grip of the fun tightly, and when it’s time to hit the reality again, one can only remember the happiness.

as spoken in the film thank god he met lizzie, which happens to be one of my favorite quotes:

“the trouble with happiness is that you don’t realize it when it’s there. you remember it.”

and i will remember and cherish these three fulfilling days i had here.

it is far from thrift spending except for necessities such as a new flash disk, which has nothing to do with the holiday itself.
no culinary trip taken as i indulged more on my mum’s cooking.
no trying out of new public transport destination as i prefer to hide inside the car.

yet this is a holiday i’ve longed to have, the moments when i could take my mind off the matters been hanging on for the past few months.

i could rely myself on the literary selection belongs to my sister, which mostly comprise of works by brits author.
i could be at peace with myself when i took one book, sat down on a sofa amidst heavy rain pouring outside in one cold afternoon.
i could take a walk along kayutangan area which now remains one of the few places appropriate for pedestrians use.
i could be mesmerized by the line of palm trees on ijen boulevard.

and this is it.

embrace the future.

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