here i am, there i’ll be

10 Dec

look, the title could not be more tacky, yet pardon it for being so.

after all, what can you expect from a pre-paid internet surfing with extremely slow connection in otherwise arguably the best airport in the world?

i shall not complain, for what i am experiencing right now, will happen in a very near future.

yes, here i am, the border of my comfort zone that i have been inhabiting for more than half a decade, quite an ample of time that pretty much has affected my way of thinking and behaving.

and there i’ll be, the supposedly home country which feels like an alien to me.

at least at this exact tickling of sound, and i will remain hopeful for a new horizon to come.

as much as i am keeping my green passport, i have invested on taxes and stocks and bonds and emotions to other land.

and quoting my conversation with IU over mobile phones a few weeks ago:

“bukan masalah gelambir nya dari mana, marketing nya harus jalan”
“mungkin gelambir jawa rasa singapura lebih laku disana, babe! :D”

love you, all.

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