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don’t we?

what we wish is to have a day or two,
strolling along the alleys of a supermarket,
a trolley full of meats, ingredients, vegetables, unhealthy canned foods,
sweetened fruits, buttered snacks or crunchy peanuts with the look that says,
“didn’t i tell you not to pick up those junk?”,
you’re pretending not to hear,
you’re continuing what you hear.

the trolley passes each and every alley slowly,
while they two look at the shelves,
and each other.

talking over what’s good for dinner,
any left over for breakfast is deemed good,
but let’s not waste too much darling,
we’re not feeding the cats after all.

the trolley seems to be heavier,
while we’re not getting anything.

it’s because you’re holding my hand.

alrite, but where’s the champagne?
oh no! white wine please …
uh huh, creamy mushroom soup, sweet sour fried chicken and a bourdeaux?!
green tea will do just fine!

oh but what’s the occasion?
a meaningful look in a wide smile of warmth.

if this is an occasion,
then let it be for spending this time
in a supermarket
and later for cooking what we’ve bought
have a dinner for two, just you and me
whatever we cook, whatever we eat
it’s for us.

don’t we wish for the kind of small things
that matter most

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