14 Oct

as simple as seeing your name blinking and popping up above the duck,

but i’m beginning to doubt my doubts

as simple as channeling my mind to you on hearing looney tunes,

and i’m losing faith in my faithlessness

as simple as reeling over endless words craved on our notes,

all the grey above is clearing, becoming blue skies

as simple as feeling the rages soon to be overcome with memories,

i’m beginning to feel again

as simple as having the faith to believe in trusting each other,

and i’m losing what’s left of my thoughtlessness

as simple as living the boredom and the madness as a means of affection,

the sun has begun to come out in my life

as simple as stepping the feet on to harsh reality of material world,

when you look in my eyes

as simple as ending the lust of lush life completely,

… you give me something more, it’s like i’ve never loved before …

as simple as settling hearts and souls to one another,

as simple as being here and there,

as simple as loving the love itself,

then be it.

— italic words are excerpts of “when you look in my eyes” by jay graydon

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Posted by on 10/14/2005 in English


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