Detik Terakhir.

08 Oct

if cornelia agatha is snubbed at the festival film indonesia (ffi) for best actress category, i should question the ability of the event’s juries in determining good acting quality.

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surely she does act and not to the extent of inhabiting the role yet, at least she has not reached the level of being her “regi” character by still maintaining her shampoo-advertisement hair while playing a highly drug-addicted junkie, but at the scope of acting as junkie, cornelia agatha does give a convincing portrayal in such a controlled manner that we are taken to believe the emotional availability she has as an actress in delivering the assigned duty very well. it is not much then that during her appearance in one of late-nite talk shows where she promoted her film, the host praised her by stating, “this is one of the closest portrayals of a junkie ever portrayed on a big screen.”
i can’t agree more, although it might be nicer if only the director would dwell more on scenes where she desperately longs for her drugs and convinces her dealer to forge the expenses. if only the director would like to spend some time watching leonardo di caprio in basketball diaries, then the same chilling effect can be reached through cornelia’s embodiment to her character.

luckily, cornelia gets an equally good companion who manages to bring out their own best in every scene done together. playing in a more subtle manner, sausan excels in otherwise limited range of acting ability, yet the nature of her character allows her to show minimum effort to maximum result, and giving us no other option but to emphatize with her role here. i guess a nod for supporting actress will not be too much to give as a token of recognition.

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however, the praises might stop at this point since cornelia and sausan are the only two elements in making this depressive film bearable and worth watching. i can’t help but having a strong suspicion that they take their own initiative to act well for their own sake, without any necessary guidance from the director who might be busy arranging other elements to be put up nicely on the big screen, to some disappointing result. this might be repetitive, but a stereotype of how one gets involved in a hell-ride of drug taking is too often to be presented, and i was surprised to see this still comes out eventhough the writer of the novel in which the film is based on is invited on board to pen the script. either that, or the limited duration time hinders a deeper character development that would do good this film.

other than that, i am not going to comment on how i wish to see more of shanty in her relaxed presence here, or how i long for more lenient censor cut that abruptly butchers some of cornelia’s scenes, but the bottomline remains to the fact that you might see this film to see a good school of acting, and set aside trivial errors as usually appear in any indonesian films.


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2 responses to “Detik Terakhir.

  1. Anonymous

    04/30/2006 at 2:47 am

    Kota gue gak punya bioskop, so I’m so lucky bisa nonton akting Sausan & Cornelia walaupun hanya dari VCD. Gue fans mereka dari dulu. Akting mereka, not bad lah..

  2. Anonymous

    05/08/2006 at 5:00 am

    I v seen d movie from DVD,I have to admit that i v got carried away with the movie.Cornelia is totally ROCK,she s obviously talented,fully dedicated on her role,and is a risk taker. Till now,One thing that has “blown me away” :How come the “Citra” last year was won by another actress,Marcela,,somethin’ (dunno her name).Org awam pun bisa menilai,Dibandingin peran Marcela di film ttg coklat itu,yang perannya sangat standar, peran Cornelia di Detik Terakhir membutuhkan kemampuan akting yang sangat kuat..which she had proved it very very wellBasically,Ga gampang loh berperan jadi lesbi dan bisa mempengaruhi emosi audience juga meyakinkan kita bahwa ada area abu abu juga di kehidupan ini.But anyway, semoga next time para juri film indonesia bisa dibukakan lagi mata dan kemampuannya dalam menilai akting para bintang kita.Supaya bintang yang benar benar bintang tidak sia-sia atau mubazir keberadaannya. (Katenak from Ruskij)


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