Behind the Scenes

12 Apr

The woman: Are you ready to be the one behind the screen?
Myself: (
shocked, but continued slicing the pizza) Hmmm … I don’t know.

How is one supposed to know?

For what we tend to see is the surface, the out-est look (if such a term exists!) of whatever or whoever we wish to see. From the glamour misleading images in glossy magazines to Hollywood trashy flicks that only lunatic minds would bother watching Son of the Mask or Uptown Girls, we only get to see the image-representatives. It’s fun to watch Paris Hilton mulling around, but do we ever get to see her secretary or manager frantically try to launch her projected persona?
Raise hands if you are aware that E.T. would never work well without John Williams‘s score.

Who’s John Williams?


But I do care about him, so much so that I prevented him winning at this year’s Academy Awards as his works in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a mere light of dust compared to the winner, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek‘s take on Finding Neverland.
I care about Anne V. Coates‘s quick-cut editing style in Out of Sight, for it heightens the slick, cool look Steven Soderbergh wishes to convey.

And you all have read my previous entry ‘On Faithful Characters’. How I admire those roles of supportive characters standing proudly next to their partners, husbands, wives, lovers, and they put their utmost parts of heart and soul to, willingly, stay behind and be a strong pillar who stabilize and balance the relationship they embark.

Do they do it instantly? Don’t they ever wish secretly to steal the spotlight and have the center attention of the world fall on them?

For God sake, I can assure you they do!

Once in a while, when the world seems to hinder from them all the time, when tangible achievement matters most, when the world unfairly shifts to embrace the beauty of outside, the ones staying behind do not react.

Indeed. Why? Why bother?

Why bother of self-proclaimed achievement if at the end of the day, Winona Ryder still serves Daniel-Day Lewis faithfully in The Age of Innocence? And she does it with smile, a proud smile that goes unrecognizable at times, sinking behind the overflowing praise of her successful husband?

Why bother for Tommy Lee Jones in Coal Miner’s Daughter to show-off himself when you know that it is more relieving to see Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn started to taking the world by storm?

Why bother of one’s own happiness when you are happy to see your girlfriend smiling? Your boyfriend laughing? Your wife’s pride of you?

The woman: One of the biggest achievements in my life is when I got married to him.
Myself: (
wandering sight) I see. (looking at her directly, wide smile) I can see that.

– Delifrance, West Mall 21/03/05 –

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