words fail me tonite, so …

02 Apr

allow me to have a song to show the tiniest part of the trembling, mumbling, rambling, gambling, and the bling-est of the feeling one could ever experience: an unexpected surprise.

it’s a little bit funny / the feeling inside
i’m not one of those / who can / easily hide
i don’t have much money / but / boy if i did
i’d buy a big house where / we both could live

(why did i decide to wear yellow t-shirt to work? why did i keep humming on the way to that bus stop? why did i feel upbeat, all of a sudden?)

if i were a sculptor / but then again no
or a man / who makes potions / in a travelling show
i know it’s not much / but it’s the best i can do
my gift is my song and / this one’s for you

(why did you keep a length of distance today? why did you respond in a hurry? why did you seem to be out of reach?)

and you can tell everybody / this is your song
it may be quite simple / but now that it’s done
i hope you don’t mind / i hope you don’t mind
that i put down in words
how wonderful life is / while you’re in the world

(why couldn’t i pick the clues implicitly stated by the people whom i admire for their tremendous amount of slickness and thoughtful thoughts?)

i sat on the roof / and i / kicked off the moss
well a few of the verses / they’ve got me quite cross
but the sun’s been quite kind / while i wrote this song,
it’s for people like you / that / keep it turned on

(why couldn’t you spoil a tiny drop of hint throughout the tantrum and preserving your dignity being a champion of surprise?)

so excuse me forgetting / but these things i do
you see i’ve forgotten / if they’re green or they’re blue
anyway / the thing is / what i really mean
yours are the sweetest eyes / i’ve ever seen.

(why are we just being cool about it?)

all in all, i would like to credit these humble people, too humble to some extent for what they have hidden all these time, for making “a-tap-on-my-shoulder” followed by “surprise-you’re-caught-on-camera” session in cathay cineleisure orchard level 5 became one unforgettable moment in life. two lives.

the bearer:
to acay, for keeping the well-kept secret extremely well :),
to rio, for sacrificing your logical senses in guarding the big bang :),
to kenny, for revealing what kind of miracle that does happen :),
to aldi, for dropping a little hint 🙂
to bowo, for being fashion-nista! *ga penting deh! hahaha!*
to anri, for being panic asking for help *ini lebih ga penting lagi! hihihi!*

the witness:
acay, iu, copper, etu, leo, bursyeh

the one:
to twinnie, the answer for above them all, and more.

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